Civil Work

Alam Interior & Decorator embodies expertise in civil work, offering an all-encompassing range of services essential for crafting durable and resilient structures. Our meticulous approach to foundation laying ensures stability and endurance, while our adeptness in seamless structural modifications elevates existing spaces with precision and technical finesse. Every project, be it residential or commercial, reflects our commitment to detail, employing premium materials and cutting-edge techniques for longevity.


Painting holds the transformative power to redefine spaces, and at Alam Interior & Decorator, it’s an art we passionately specialize in. Whether it’s revitalizing a room with vibrant hues or infusing sophistication through intricate patterns, our adeptness in the art of painting elevates your vision into a stunning reality. Utilizing top-tier paints and advanced techniques, our skilled painters meticulously craft each stroke, ensuring a flawless finish that harmonizes seamlessly with your space’s ambiance. From conceptualization to execution, our emphasis on precision and attention to detail guarantees a captivating outcome that not only revitalizes but also breathes life into your environment.


At Alam Interior & Decorator, our expertise extends beyond traditional interior services to encompass meticulous craftsmanship in fabrication. Our skilled team specializes in custom metal and woodwork, crafting bespoke pieces that add both elegance and functionality to your space. Whether it’s creating intricate metal structures or designing bespoke furniture, our artisans blend creativity with technical expertise, ensuring each piece is a testament to fine craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on using premium materials and employing innovative techniques, guaranteeing not just visually stunning elements but also durable and functional additions to your interior.

Carpentry Work

At Alam Interior & Decorator, our dedication to crafting exceptional interiors extends to our mastery in carpentry work. Our skilled carpenters bring visions to life, meticulously crafting bespoke furniture and intricate woodwork that exude both elegance and functionality. Whether it’s the creation of custom-designed cabinets, intricate detailing on walls, or the crafting of unique pieces, our team combines artistry with precision, ensuring that every element resonates with your space’s aesthetic and practical needs.